KuchipudiKuchipudi is the dance drama of music, dance and acting. Performed both in groups and solo these days, the dance is characterised by its sprightly movements, sculptureque poses, stylised mime and lyrical (Carnatic) music.

The most popular Kuchipudi dance is the pot dance in which a dancer keeps a pot filled with water on her head. Balancing on a brass plate with feet kept on the rim of the plate, the dancer moves on the stage manipulating brass plate and doing some hand movements, without spilling a drop of water.
The dance had its origins in the village of Kuchipudi in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh as a dance drama. It remained the living dance tradition of the region for centuries. For a long time, it was only being presented at annual festival of certain temple in Andhra Pradesh. At that time, it used to be performed only by men who belonged to the Brahmin community. Now, the art form is shedding its dramatic elements to become just a classical dance.