Book on kurinji, the flower
          of the blue mountains

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India International
Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment
Bombay Natural History Society
Centre for Earth Science Studies (CESS)
Centre for Science and Environment
Centre for Wind Energy Technology
Central Ground Water Board
Central Water Commission
Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS)
Environmental Information Centre
Environmental Information System
Environmental Information System
Friends of River Narmada
India Birds
India Environment Portal
Indian Jungles
Kurinji flowers (
Kumar Links to Hydrology Resources
Ministry of Environment and Forests
Ministry of Water Resources
Narmada Control Authority
National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee
National River Conservation Directorate
NCL Centre for Biodiversity Informatics (NCBI)
Network of Indian Environment Professionals (NIEP)
NIEP Paryavaran and Ecology
State of Environment- India
UNIDO Regional Centre for Small Hydro Power
Water Resources Informatics Division
Wetlands of India
The Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO)
Birdlife International
Canadian Dam Association
Clean energy, Nepal
Clear Water Initiative
Environment Canada
Environment Nepal
Friends of Earth
Great Lakes Information Network
Green Peace
H2O Database
India-Canada Environment Facility
Kids helping environment
The International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD)
International Rivers Network
International Hydropower Association
Red Data Book
SAARC Energy Centre
UNESCO programme on freshwater
U. S. Department of Energy
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
Water Science for Schools
Waterpage: research and advocacy
World Commission on Dams
World Water Council
World Water. Org
WWW Virtual Library
Expert-Eyes CyberJournalist

Book on kurinji, the
            flower of the blue mountains