Report of the Empowered Committee of the Supreme Court on Mullaperiyar dam
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Setting up of the Empowered Committee

Chapter -I
    Dams - An Overview

 Chapter -II
(a) Use of Periyar waters.
(b) Evolution of Periyar Project.
(c) Mulla Periyar Dam Dispute in the Supreme Court.

Chapter -III
    Issues settled by the Empowered Committee.

Chapter -.IV
    i.   Report of visit of the Empowered Committee to Mulla Periyar
        Dam site areas during 19-22 December, 2010.
    ii.  Resolutions of the Empowered Committee dated 21.12.2010,
        7.1.2011 and 5.12.2011.
    iii. Report of visit by two Technical Members (Dr. C.D. Thatte and
          Shri O.K. Mehta) during 22-26 December, 2011.

Chapter- V
    . Responses in brief of the Parties to the issues framed by Empowered Committee.

Chapter - VI
     Appraisal and, Analysis of the reports of technical investigations, tests and studies.

Chapter - VII

Chapter - VIII
Way Forward- Towards An Amicable Resolution

Note from Mr. Justice K.T.Thomas, Member of the Empowered Committee.

Comments of Justice (Dr.) A. R. Lakshmanan on Chapter-VIII of the Report of the Empowered Committee.

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Conversion Factor

Annexure- I: Public notice issued in the newspapers by the Empowered Committee.    .
Annexure- II: Minutes of all meetings of the Empowered Committee held from 14.6.2010 onWards and Status Reports submitted to the Hon'ble Supreme Court.

Annexures of Chapter - VI
Annexure 6.1   List  of  reports under  each aspect  of  investigations, tests and studies on Mulla Periyar Dam
Annexure 6.2.  Inundation Map (5 sheets)
Annexure 6.3   Periyar Dam Plan showing top view and cross section (2 sheets)
Annexure 6.4   Median values for different materials of Dam
Annexure 6.5   Computer Access and Telemetry System