Paily Pallickamyalil     Grand Children of Paily Pallickamyalil (1894 -1983 A. D.)

Details about the sons of Paily Pallickamyalil -- Aley, Joseph, Mathew, Poulose, Nicholas, James and Jolly and their children. Poulose died young (Karkitakam 12, 1117 M. E.) . Paily, born on November 7, 1984, died on July 22, 1983 (A. D.).

Aley's family

Aley (Eli) was married to Joseph of Njavarakkad family at Paingottur. She had five children-- Papachan, Jose, Poulochan (died in 2007), Mary (she is no more) and Benti.

Joseph's family

Joseph and Annakkutty

Joseph (Kunjappu) married Annakutty of Kuzhikattumyalil family at Karimannoor, Thodupuzha. They have four sons and four daughters--  Joy, Leelamma, Valsamma, Mary, Baby, Sunny, Sabu and Annie.

Mathew's family

Mathew and MariayakuttyMathew (Kunjoonju) married C. C. Mariam (Mariayakkutty) of Myladiyil family at Pannimattom who was a teacher (and later headmistress) at the St. Joseph's L. P. School, Pannimattom. Mathew brought forth two sons, Roy and Regi, and a daughter, Dinise. He died on April 12, 2010.

Nicholas' family

Nicholas (Kutty) married Mary, daughter of M. A. Thomas of Mannathu family, at Pala. Their's is a family of three sons and two daughters, Paul (Babu), Tom (Tomy), Lissy, Louis and Rosely. Nicholas died in 1998.
Nicholas and Mary

James' familyJames and Philomina

James (born on June 19, 1951)  married Philomina, daughter of  Varghese Pallikunnel,  Ezhumuttom  near Thodupuzha. They have four children--Jaicy, Jaison, Jince and Joice.

   Jolly's family

  Jolly married Cicily (Thresya) from Mullakariyil family at Elamdesom near Thodupuzha.

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